Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hello. Opinions Please?

Hello.  I have been working hard at trying to get things put together for the booth I'm doing at the County Fair.  I keep going back and forth between thoughts of "This will be a lot of fun" to "Why am I doing this? Nobody's going to want to buy this stuff."  I've come close to backing out several times. I'm somewhat of an introvert.  With special needs kids I don't get out much, and sometimes I feel like I socialize awkwardly with 'normal' people.   I'm perfectly content staying at home and drawing my life away.  I know it seems silly but this Fair booth is a big scary thing for me. I'm not really sure why I'm doing it, except that I kind of want to prove to myself that I can do something big and out of my comfort zone....anyway.  Enough whining. I've put a lot of time and effort into what I've done so far.  And I'm at a point where I'm running out of money to print and package things etc.  I'm going to have to scale back my plans.  So with the money I have left, I want to get the best bang for my buck.

I'm wondering if you all could please help me with a little 'market research'.  Here are some of the things I've been working on.  Under each picture will be several questions.  If you could please give me some answers to those questions in the comment section I would very much appreciate it.  Also, if you have any other suggestions or comments, feel free to leave those too. 

These  illustrations are 8x10 prints.  The two on the bottom are part of a set of 5 images that my daughter with cerebral palsy drew of her special needs friends to teach her 5th grade class about kids like her.  I colored them.  Here are my questions:

1.  Which if any of these would you want to buy?  (rank your top three)
2.  What purpose would you buy them for? i.e. to hang in your home, as a gift, primary room decor
3.  Would you be more likely to buy them if they were greeting cards? 
4.  Would you like more of a selection than this? 

At the top are several different versions of Fill-in-the-blank Thank you cards for kids.
Below on the left is a memory matching game of table manners.  You match the do's with the don'ts.  I've had these professionally printed, so they are good quality like you'd get in any board game.
Below on the right is a paper doll of a dog that you can dress up. (There are more clothes and accessories, I'm just not finished with them yet). Here are the questions:

5. On a scale of 1-10 ten being the most likely, how likely would you be to purchase fill-in-the-blank Thank-you cards for your children to use?
6.  Are the themes of dancers, mermaids, pirates and sports a good choice, or is there something else that would be more appealing? 
7. Which of these products would you be most likely to purchase and why?
8.  Is there anything you definitely would NOT be interested in purchasing?
9.  If you could purchase something in my Etsy shop to print yourself, would you be willing to buy it already printed even if the price were a little higher? 
10.  What other things would you want to see in a shop with these things? 

I am thinking of printing all the 'Follow The Prophet' images from my Etsy kits into nice card sets perhaps for a matching game.  I'm also thinking of making little books out of my Plan of Salvation set.  Any opinions on either of those things?

Thanks so much for all your help and input.  I really appreciate any help you can offer! 


Merilene Silva said...

Olá Susan.. não consigo entender muito o que você deseja saber. Mas amo demais seus trabalhos. E particularmente adorei as imagens com crianças especiais. Tenho uma afinidade com crianças com deficiência. Compraria tudo isso sim. Mas amo verdadeiramente jogo da memória. E acho que poderia fazer aqueles bonecas que podemos trocar roupas, divertiam minha mãe no passado e minha filha também hoje em dia. Prefiro comprar imprimiveis. Porque o custo é menor. Um grande abraço querida. E sei que você terá sucesso em seu novo negócio. Que o Pai Celeste te abençoe sempre!

Annie Neiman said...

I wish I lived nearby so I could come and visit your booth! I understand your worry about interacting with others and not being successful. I feel the same when when I branch out. However, I think you will be hugely successful! I have enjoyed your work for a very long time, and I use your sweet artwork in so many facets of my life. To answer your questions:

1: I would want to buy the gospel prints, and the mermaid prints. All of each set
2: I would buy the gospel prints for use in the Primary, and for personal FHE, and I would use the mermaid prints in my kids' bathroom.
3: No
4: I like options :)
5:10! I love fill in the blank thank you cards, and they are impossible to find! I would buy one of each set. Do you sell with envelopes? Matching envelopes would be SO cute.
6:I like your choices, but I always appreciate birthday and Christmas themes because that's when the most thank you cards leave our house.
7:Thank you cards. I use them the most, and I would love to have some already printed and ready to go.
8:Paper dolls. They have never really interested my children.
9:yes! Save me the ink and the time. Especially if it were already cut out!
10:My favorites of yours that I would love to see printed and put together include your chore charts, games (matching and board), and probably your paper Christmas houses.

I love your Follow the Prophet series, but it may do better in a year when it's part of the Primary song time curriculum. Plan of Salvation is always a great idea, and I love love love your drawings of it. If you had it available, I would probably pick it up first when I visited your booth.

I really hope I've been helpful to you. Best of luck at the fair!

Holly said...

Ok, here’s a big comment. I typed it in a word doc while looking through your post and pictures.

I would like to buy the Joseph Smith picture and the mermaids. I would use Joseph Smith for a picture on the wall in my kids’ room, or a quiet book for church. The mermaids are just adorable and I would probably write a story so I can make a book with them. Or I would use the mermaids to make up some kind of game for my toddler to learn counting or letters or something.
I would buy greeting cards with your mermaids on them. I imagine little girl birthday cards, or something about sisters and friends.
More selection is always better.

I think the fill in the blank thank you cards are a great idea for kids! The themes are great! I don’t know what would be better
I would be most likely to buy the dog paper doll because my little girls loves dogs, and the table manners memory game is a great idea.
I like all your stuff, so I don’t think there’s anything I don’t want to buy.
If I can buy something at your etsy shop, I don’t have much interest in buying a paper copy because I can print anything any size, and that is very useful.
I like the idea of the prophet matching game. You could probably do that with almost any of your sets. The book of Mormon women, the bible women. You could print the job chart with cards. I bet there are some people who like that but think they aren’t creative enough to actually put it all together themselves.
You could print CTR Hero cards. You could make a coloring book.
You can make cards of almost any kind; Halloween, Christmas, birthday…baptism, wedding… I think you could have a business just by making cards.

I think that’s all your questions. Hope it was helpful!


Kerri said...

1) I would buy 1-Joseph Smith; 2-mermaids holding hands; 3-The Savior.
2) To hand in child's room; to help with primary lesson when needed.
3) No
4) Your art is SO catchy! why stop here!
5) 2-I'm not likely to buy them: though they are super cute! It wouldn't likely buy them at a fair - the only time I see myself buying them would be if I already had the child's party theme picked out and I was looking to download a template. So for me: it would be an online download.
6) I'd suggest a set that isn't so themed: like, a girl with sunglasses on, or a boy holding a puppy, two friends with arms around shoulders: celebrating friendship, etc...I feel like I couldn't use these cards if I didn't have a "dance" or "mermaid" or "sports" theme, etc.
7) table manners game: I can see that being very helpful to reinforce with the kids
8) CLEVER idea with the dog paper doll! But that's what I wouldn't jump at: Perhaps if we had a set of paper dolls to add this to I would feel differently, but as a stand alone I don't need it.
9) do you mean, have it shipped to me? Perhaps - as long as it was going to turn out nicer than if I printed it on my own, like high quality printing on nice thick paper.
10) sorry - not familiar enough to help with this one.

Prophet Matching: Good idea: ESPECIALLY fun to release around General Conference time -- that's when I bring things like that out. I made a set 10 years ago with the prophet and apostles: and then some of those apostles have died and I haven't kept the set up to reflect the new if you have a desire to update that and keep updating it as needed with "new released" cards of new apostles: go for it!

Susan said...

Thank you everyone for your input. I really appreciate it! I'm so glad that you would take the time to help me out like that.