Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Reverence Poster

 Ready to Print Version

 Fill-In-Your-Own-Language Version

Fill-In-Your-Own-Language-And-Color Version

I Love the great diversity in the church.  It is so exciting to me when my artwork can bless people in places I may never have an opportunity to even visit.  My favorite comment ever received here on this blog was a little message from Guatamala telling me that the Sister Missionaries there were using my art to set up a new primary full of kids who had never had the experience before. (!)  I feel so blessed to have a very small part in that.  

The problem with trying to create something for a world wide church is that it's difficult to account for every beautiful difference and situation in my art.  Let's face it, I have lived my entire life in Utah.  There is not a whole lot of diversity here.  I even served my mission in New York.  So I don't know any other languages either.  I sincerely want my artwork to work for all of our heavenly father's children, but I'm limited in my ability to do that. That's why I've made a few different versions of this poster.  One that is ready to print if you want it that way, One that you can write your own language on, and one that you can color if you'd like.   Hopefully one of these versions will be useful to you in whatever way you need it.

This poster was created as 11x14 which is a standard print size at Costco, Sam's Club, etc. (I think it costs around $3)  But you can always adjust the size bigger or smaller.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

MORE "Follow The Prophet" clip art!

"Follow the Prophet"  Book of Mormon Prophets
available in my Etsy shop

I had so many requests for Joseph Smith and Nephi that I decided I'd better do some more drawings.  I didn't know there were extra verses, but I did a little google search and found The Lost Hymns Project.  I wanted to do another kit as big as the first one, but I know there are a lot of Choristers needing Joseph Smith for tomorrow.  I put what I've got into a little mini-kit.  I will probably still do some more Book of Mormon prophets, and some modern prophets too, but it will take a while.  In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy this new kit.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jacob (Israel)

Jacob (Israel) 

When I tried to put all the files for the "Follow The Prophet" clip art set onto Etsy, the files were too big.  I had to cut something out, and Jacob ended up being it.  I don't want anyone to miss out on him (if they want him)  so, I'm posting him here for all to download and enjoy.  He is a proud papa of those twelve sons! If you purchased the kit, I'm sorry for this inconvenience.

"Follow The Prophet" clip art GIVEAWAY WINNERS!!!

Thank you so much to all of you choristers who left comments and gave me input and inspiration for my new "Follow The Prophet" clip art set.  As promised, I put all your names into a drawing for a complete free kit.  There are two winners:

"Marcy" and "Camille Hill"

please send me your email address so I can send you your free kit! 

Follow The Prophet Clip Art

 Adam & Eve
 The Garden of Eden
 The City of Enoch
 President Thomas S. Monson
A world where people are confused

As I drew these, I had in my head that they could be cut out and mounted on craft sticks for kids to hold while singing the song, but it occurred to me that you could also print them on cards and use them as a matching game too.  Of course you can always use them to make a traditional flip chart too. 

I made this kit for my Etsy shop, but I wanted it to be useful for all of you here on my blog without having to spend money.  So, I've included the art for the first two verses and the last verse of the song since I know a lot of primaries only do those verses. I hope you'll enjoy it.  Thanks for all the input on this project!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Follow The Prophet (Sneak Peek)

I thought you might like to see some of the drawings I've been doing for "Follow The Prophet" These are the ones I've got so far.  Some are easier to identify than others.  Can you guess who they are?  Also - Do you think there is a need for some of the modern prophets like Joseph Smith and President Monson?

He Sent His Son...FREEBIES!

New Born Babe (Baby Jesus)


Whisper or Tell
(my daughter says this looks like she is signing the word "mother" in ASL.  But it's really supposed to be whispering or telling.  Her hand is up as if she's telling a secret.)

Some people like to make flip charts that show each word in the song.  Others like to have a scene that shows the idea of the text.  These illustrations are more for each word.  They will most likely be part of the new chorister kit I'm working on for my Etsy shop.  But I never know how long these projects will take me to do.  So I thought I ought to at least post these since this is the song you all are teaching this month.  -I'm late for that too, since it's already the middle of the month.  But better late than never right?