written by Janet Murray Illustrated by Susan Fitch

The Super Sarah project has been a really fun one for me.  It was written by my sister.  It is the sweet story of a little girl who overcomes her fears and learns about herself in the process.  For sale now on

Santa Claus All Year Long
Magical Stories of Santa's Everyday Life
Volume 1
Volume 2


Debbiedoodles said...

So excited about the clip art collection available soon. Thanks so much for sharing your your talents!

Barnes Blog said...

Seriously love this book, can't wait to give it to my children for this years Christmas book. SO fun! And such a great idea, i love it!

Zamara said...

Super sadness! I couldn't find the Super Sarah book on

Susan said...

Zamara, I'm glad you are so excited about Super Sarah! I just put in on Amazon yesterday, and their message said it might take up to a week for it to actually show up there! Check again next week. :)

Deon said...

Is the 5 dance positions available in a 8X10?