Thursday, January 31, 2013

baptism illustration

I've been doing a little more work on the baptism preparation book for our ward.  
I did a baptism portrait like this for my son when he was baptized. I wanted a picture of him and his Dad in the font, but didn't think it was appropriate to take a photo.   I made this one with generic characters because I didn't want to diminish the specialness of my son's portrait by using it in a book for everyone else.


Amy G said...

I want to applaud you for sharing your talents for free! My SIL and I were talking about people who charge especially for Primary or church things... then there are awesome people like you and Sally Deford - who create beautiful things and share them freely! Bless your heart!

Janferay said...

I'm interested in your baptism preparation book. Can I get a copy? We have had three 8 year olds baptized last week and one of them the family really didn't know what to do at the baptism. Does it cover that?
My email is njmcannalley at gmail dot com.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Amy G regarding your generosity re sharing your talent for free, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you, kathylh

Jennifer said...

I love you work. Thank you so much for sharing. My children are half Polynesian, do you have any clip art with children that would have their likeness? I have such a hard time finding things that they can see themselves in.

Thank you again