Thursday, March 7, 2013

Reverence Badges

 Encourage reverence in primary with these cute reward badges! Just cut them out and pin them on, or punch a hole in the top and make a yarn necklace.


Laura & Britta said...

I have a favor to ask - I am a nursery leader and was wondering if you could make these to say: I was reverent in Nursery today!

Thanks for your consideration!


Rachel and Todd said...

Thanks, Susan, for sharing your talent! This is just the thing I've been looking for.

Camille Hill said...

My good friend was telling me about a game she plays in primary called Reverence Tag. A child, during the prelude, is chosen who is being reverent to come up front and hold the "Reverence Tag." Their job is to tag the next reverent child. And the activity continues until it's time to start primary! I LOVED the idea and was wondering if you could easily change these badges to say "Reverence Tag" or something similar. I know primaries would LOVE that!!

I could edit your images myself and put it on my blog but I'd love to direct traffic to you :). But no pressure if that's too much!