Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Forever Family Tree

Another binder cover or poster option for the 2014 Primary theme "Families Are Forever"


Anonymous said...

when I click on download it takes me to the other family picture and not the family tree.

Susan said...

Thank you! The link has been fixed.

Anonymous said...


I was wondering if I could get a copy of the poster with out all the heads. I am a chorister and I take pictures of the JR primary kids and then cut their heads out. I use these to draw my helpers and then place them on a poster. This helps the JR kids "see" that they have had a turn and the teachers are not trying to figure out what child to choose. This would be perfect for me with this year's theme.

Thanks for all your hard work and sharing with us. I have bought your taboo game to use in Sr primary and they had a fun time.

From all the little Hunt's in Huntville said...

Hey Susan, looking for primary stuff and came across you website. Love it!! You are so beautiful talented. So glad I get to say I know you!! Thanks for sharing!! Still have my drawings from the mission that I consider treasures.
Love ya, Michelle