Saturday, May 17, 2014

Priesthood Blessing

This little priesthood illustration came by way of a request.  I love getting ideas from you all.  I don't always have time to do every one, but I still love to get the ideas.  Leave me a comment if you have suggestions for me.


Andrea said...

Yet another great illustration. I have a need that I'd love to see addressed. We have a child in our primary that lives with her Grandma because her dad was killed and mom is not a fit parent. She struggles with the traditional focus especially around father's day or when we sing about fathers.
My request is to see some pictures of non-traditional families like this one. If you've already done these, please point me in the right direction.

Thanks so much for sharing your talents so freely with the less artistically inclined among us.

Stephanie said...

Hi, I just happened upon this site tonight, I serve in primary and activity days and I have 3 young kids and I'm always looking for pictures for FHE and lessons, I'm so thrilled that you do this. It's been so hard for me to find good clipart for my lessons I feel like I'm always on a goose chase. Thanks so much!!

Charise said...

Aack! I love this preisthood blessing picture! Thank you!!

Also, I am the mom of 3 wonderful adopted kids. Our family is "all colors" and we love when you include diversity and color in your artwork.

Eugenia Xie said...

Hi! I LOVE your work! I was searching for FHE ideas for my little family and your illustrations are beautiful! Thank you for making them available to everyone! I wonder if you can include more asians in your pictures . . . we attend church with a Chinese ward, and it has been hard for me to find any pictures. You're the best!

Anonymous said...

I've been searching for pictures regarding baptism and confirmation. This picture I love for my confirmation page of a baptism preview packet I'm making. However, I have only found them for boys. Is it possible to to a picture like this with a girl receiving the blessing? As well as a little girl in the font with her dad? Perhaps you have these pictures and I have not found them?
Thanks so much for sharing!