Saturday, June 21, 2014

A few random drawings....

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD this Priesthood holder

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the 10 commandments tablets

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Jesus and John the Baptist

It came to my attention that some of you could use the commandment tablets and John the Baptist for making singing time flip charts for the primary baptism song on page 100 of the Children's song book.  I have to admit that this illustration of the Savior and John the Baptist is not my favorite.  I've been wanting to re-do it.  But since you may be able to get some use out of it (whether I like it or not)  I'm posting it for you.  Enjoy! You can also click on the ideas & inspiration tab up top to see how these were used in a primary flip chart.

I thought I had figured out the issue with the backgrounds showing up gray in blogger.  Apparently I didn't. 


Di~ said...

Susan: I'm really loving your illustrations.{ Printed several yesterday (through Staples), the mom w/baby and weneedeachother w/ cookies both print with the grayish background. } Thank a lot!

Susan said...

I'm so sorry to hear that! They print out fine on my home printer - Staples is probably higher resolution. But, I will keep trying to see what I can do to fix the gray background. Thanks for letting me know!

Jennifer V said...

Yep... Blogger turns backgrounds grey. It annoys me so much! The only fix I've come up with is to have clear backgrounds and save things as PNG.

Susan said...

Thanks Jennifer. It is annoying, but I'm glad to know how to get around it now!

Anonymous said...

Susan, I would like to use one of your cliparts in a power point I made for my blog. I linked it to you. I don’t make any money, so it isn’t for commercial use. You can check it out at
Please let me know if it is okay. I can change it if it isn’t.
Camilla Whitman
My email is

Krystal said...

Just used this for the Come Follow Me lesson this week! Thank you! I’ve never been so excited for FHE. :-D