Sunday, February 8, 2015

He Sent His Son...FREEBIES!

New Born Babe (Baby Jesus)


Whisper or Tell
(my daughter says this looks like she is signing the word "mother" in ASL.  But it's really supposed to be whispering or telling.  Her hand is up as if she's telling a secret.)

Some people like to make flip charts that show each word in the song.  Others like to have a scene that shows the idea of the text.  These illustrations are more for each word.  They will most likely be part of the new chorister kit I'm working on for my Etsy shop.  But I never know how long these projects will take me to do.  So I thought I ought to at least post these since this is the song you all are teaching this month.  -I'm late for that too, since it's already the middle of the month.  But better late than never right?

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