Saturday, November 19, 2016

Lehi's Dream Give Away Winners!

Hello, hello!  I was thrilled at the great response I got on this giveaway.  There were so many of you who left such nice comments.  I wished I could hug you.  You all made me feel so nice about myself. Thank you, thank you, SO MUCH!

Because I got 100 comments, I asked each one of my three kids to choose a number between 1 and 100.  The comments corresponding with the numbers they chose are the winners.  I forgot to ask you all to leave your email addresses so I can send you the kit.  So, if you are a winner, please let me know your email address ASAP!

The winners are:

wingandwong said...
I love your designs! I use them all the time. I LOVE this new kit. How perfect!!

 NACW's mom said...
Primary perfection. Thank you for your art

Carol said...
Wow! Such beautiful work! Thank you!

For all the rest of you who didn't win, Thank you so much for all your kind words.  I still love you.  If you would like to buy the kit, you can find it here in my Etsy shop.  And because I love you so much, you can use the code 20OFF at checkout to get 20% off your entire purchase from now until Nov. 30.    

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