Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Little Paper Christmas Houses

This is one set of two that I drew quite some time ago.  This one is a set of Christmas Houses that you can print and fold out of paper.  I made these into a cute little garland, but you can leave them separate too.  There are so many ways I can think of to use these - Ornaments, Gift toppers, Gift tags, centerpieces, little gift boxes, They would even make cute decorations for a missionary farewell party!  
The other set of little houses are just regular everyday non-holiday houses.  I have the drawings scanned, but not put together yet.  They came in handy for me a few weeks ago when my lesson in primary required an object lesson on the wise man and the foolish man.  I had a little beach house, and a little stone cottage.  I put a rock inside the stone cottage before I glued it together.  I asked the kids to try to blow them both over.  For 6 year olds it really blew their minds.  They couldn't figure out why they couldn't blow over a paper house!  They loved it.  They all took multiple turns trying to blow in down!  Then they all colored their own little houses to take home.

The regular set will (hopefully) be available soon too. But for now, this little Christmas set is available in my Etsy shop.


Holly said...

Hello! I'm so glad I discovered you and you adorable art! I found it first on etsy and went looking to see if you sell a book. It looks like you don't, but I've found tons of great stuff in your shop and on this blog!

I like the Santa around the world set. What do you think about a Nativities around the world set? Our stake has a nativities display every Christmas with hundreds of sets from members and people in the community. There are many from different countries and those are fun to look at. I am making a felt nativity to display next year. I would have fun printing out and laminating your art for the display too! I could make a little sign to go with your set with your logo to give you credit.

mamalaoshi said...

Did you ever get the set of non-holiday houses uploaded somewhere? I looked at your etsy shop but could only find the holiday houses. I'd love to make a little set for a singing time activity.

By the way, I love your artwork. Thank you for sharing your talent!

mamalaoshi said...

Oh nevermind! I found your regular houses on your blog. (Sometimes I just have to ask someone and then I find what I'm looking for myself!) Thank you!