Saturday, January 2, 2021

New Kits!


2020 has been rough on all of us, but hopefully the new year will bring better things for us all.  2021 will be bringing lots of changes for me - we have decided to move to Rexburg, Idaho.  We will be moving into a house with an in-law apartment that my in-laws will be living in.  It's a big adventure that had never crossed my mind until the opportunity came up. It quickly became clear to us that this is what we are supposed to do.  There is a lot to get done, including moving my husband's business.  With a lot of things up in the air, I don't know exactly when we'll move yet, but it probably won't be till around November or December.  That should be plenty of time to take care of it all.  If any of you have any information for me about Rexburg, or tips for surviving the winters, I would love to hear it!

I have also been working on building an actual website for myself.  This is just a hobby for me, so time and technology have passed me by here with this old blog.  I think I'm the last person to still be using a one!  I'm really excited about how things are coming along with the new site.  I will be able to categorize all my illustrations and hopefully make it easier for you to find freebies for the things you need.  I'll have a shop and a few other things to update my presence here on the web too.

Another new thing is that I've been doing some collaborations with Chrissy from Ministering Printables.  She is a fabulous graphic designer.  Her computer skills run circles around mine and she makes my art work look so much better!  With the illustrations I've recently done for the restoration (Smith family, first vision, witnesses) She has made tons of fun games and activities.  You can check them out in my Etsy shop. Because the kits also belong to someone else, I don't feel right about giving them away for free.  So, there will be no give-away this time.  However, I will give you 20% everything in my shop for the next month!  Just use the coupon code COVIDCRAZY  at check out.  Take a look at what Chrissy has done!


Coloring pages, puzzles, mazes, games, word searches, I spy and MORE!

Memory Game 

Fun fact cards for your scriptures

Scripture stickers! Aren't they the cutest? 


If you like what Chrissy has done here, you will LOVE the second of our two collaborations.  I won't spoil it entirely, but I will tell you that it will be a GREAT tool in teaching about the restoration of the gospel. (I used it on my mission) and it will be coming out soon - so keep a look out for it.  Thanks everyone for supporting me! 

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Amber Volle said...

Exciting stuff is in the works Susan, both professionally and personally it seems. That's fantastic! Thanks for thinking of us and continuing to bless us with your artwork.