Monday, July 8, 2013

Ressurection Puppets

I wish I could say that I came up with this idea on my own.  But alas, I did not.  Some time ago I was contacted by a mother wanting to use my images to make resurrection puppets. What are resurrection puppets?  They are used to teach the plan of salvation.  Remember the old object lesson of the hand in the glove to show the spirit in the body?  Well, these work the same way.  The white 'spirit' puppets fit inside the colored 'body' puppets.  Click here to see her blog post with the finished product.  I'm sure you'll get a much better understanding from it than from my description.  I think they turned out really cute.  At the time of her request, I didn't have actual drawings for her.  So she used my baptism kids and colored them herself.  Since then, I have made a proper set with both white clothing and colored.  Enjoy! (hint hint: these make a great gift to send in a missionary care package!)


Miss M said...

Sushi!!! I had no idea you had this blog. I love it.

Elena said...

Your work is beautiful!! I'm so glad I found your page. I love everything!! I am making a game for primary and I am so excited to use some of your artwork for it!

arendje said...

Thank you for sharing - very cute - I would love to see the original blog but the link goes to a private blog and I can't access it -