Saturday, August 3, 2013

Do As I'm Doing Dice

Another version of the popular "Do As I'm Doing" action cards.  Print these out and fold them into dice.  Let the kids roll one to choose an action for Do As I'm Doing.  Or, if you want them sturdier, you could always mod podge them to a wooden block.  These are two separate files, so be sure to download both dice!


Fionna said...

I just got called as Primary President on Sunday and have been trolling the internet ever since looking for resources. You have an amazing talent and I am so thankful that you are willing to share it so freely with others. Thank you so much! I have already downloaded quite a few of your illustrations. You rock!

Jessie said...

Your art work is awesome! I have downloaded these cards, but when I open them up the outline is not showing. Not sure why this is happening? Could you send me them, or let me know if I need to download them differently?
Thanks so much

Danika said...

One of these mysteriously showed up in our house right after we moved. We figured it was left behind by the previous owners and I was bummed because it had been completely crushed. We do "dance party" right before bedtime and this was perfect for our 4 girls. I'm GIDDY to find them here (thank you Pinterest) and am now following your blog!