Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Generic Game Board


I made this little game board to help my girls with their potty training goals.  Each time they successfully do their business, they move ahead a space on the board.  Some squares are 'double treats' (they get a hershey's kiss) or a surprise treat (dollar store toy) to make it extra encouraging.

Mine is all colored up and personalized, but I figure all you primary teachers, choristers, etc. out there could probably use the template for all sorts of creative endeavors.  This download includes only the black and white generic version of the game board.  That way you can color it how you want and customize the spaces with primary songs or chores or whatever you want.  You can also use dice or a spinner or whatever else with it.  

For those of you who may want to make a large game board, I enlarged the design enough to fit on a standard posterboard.  The LARGE download is simply a template for one large block space, and one large curved space.  You will have to trace (or print) them to cut and paste onto a posterboard.

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