Friday, October 23, 2015

Charity - Visiting Teaching October 2015

I made a handout for my visiting Teaching sisters this month.  The message is about charity and has a great quote from President Monson on it. It talks about charity as looking at others and loving them beyond any outside appearances, faults, or weaknesses.  I'd never thought of it that way.  It covers so much.  Sometimes it's hard for us to look past choices others have made.  Sometimes it's hard to look past a disability, or physical stature whether big or small.   Anyway, I hope you like the drawings I put together for it.  Some of them are older illustrations, but one of them is a new one that I did just for this.  You can download the ready-to-print handout, or the illustration below. 

 Charity Handout



Tonya Driggers said...

I love your illustrations! Especially the young man and elderly lady. We are all sons and daughters of loving Heavenly Parents. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us. =}

Elizabeth said...

Thank you very much for everything that you have shared. You have an amazing gift. Thank you.

Luciana Barros said...

Susan thank you for your help. It needs to fix a word in the 2016 Primary theme poster in Portuguese : the right is VERDADEIRA.

Bridgette Patterson said...

You are an inspiration. This one made me cry. Me - and my son. Charity is found close to home.