Thursday, November 30, 2017

Primary 5 lesson 43

I made a little game for my primary class this week.  The Lesson was about the Martin Willey Handcart companies.  So, I came up with this little puzzle (based off of one my kids have) I had the kids cut apart the pieces while I read them the stories from the lesson, then, gave them the big sheet with the handcart on it.  They had to put the puzzle pieces together to fit everything in the handcart.  They loved it! I should mention that there are many ways to arrange the pieces to fit them in the cart, not just the one pictured. I hope you'll enjoy it and get some good use out of it!

I recently received some feedback about my blog.  So, I'm following the suggestion to attach a link to my Etsy shop in each post.  I've got several new things in it, so click below to check it out!  

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