Saturday, September 5, 2020

Just a little Update...

 Hello!  I am happy to announce the winners of the drawing for a free download of the Joseph Smith Sr. Family clip art set.  They are:




For those of you who won, check your email.  I have already sent you the files.  For those of you who didn't win this time around, stay tuned.  I've done the drawings for 2 1/2 more new sets.  Once I get them scanned into the computer and all put together, I'll have a giveaway for them as well.  There is a first vision set, and set with all the witnesses of the Book of Mormon - including one you may not know about.  The third one that I am still in the process of drawing is one I've had on my to-do list for several years.  It is a diagram of the organization of the church. 

Thanks for all your comments and participation.  It is a big encouragement for me.  I don't know about you, but getting the kids back to school has not been easy for me.  My brain is not in the game yet!  It will be nice when things go back to normal right? 

Thursday, August 20, 2020

A new clip art set!

I realized that the new curriculum for next year's Come Follow Me has been posted, so I started drawing things for next year.  I'm having a lot of fun because I served my mission in Palmyra at the church historical sites.  The prophet Joseph and all the things that happened there in the cradle of the restoration are dear to my heart.  I just finished this set of Joseph's family. His parents, and brothers and sisters.  I drew them at the ages they would have been in 1820 when Joseph had the first vision. Technically, baby Lucy wasn't born until 1821, but I felt bad not to include her.  It also has three different versions of Joseph Jr.  One at age 14 (first vision) age 17 (When Moroni visited) age 21 (when he actually got the plates from the Hill Cumorah)   I will be giving away a free set of this kit.  Just leave your name and email in a comment to enter the drawing.  I will choose a random winner on Saturday August 29.  That gives you a little over a week to enter.  

I'm also offering this image for free download.  It is my version of 17 year old Joseph.

Stay tuned.  I'm currently working on a First Vision set.  Then, I've got 2-3 more ideas waiting in the wings.  Thanks for all your encouragement and support. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

It's Okay To Disagree.

I feel like one of the greatest problems in the world today is that people don't know how to disagree.  Instead, they seem to think that if someone has a different opinion, a different belief, or thought process, it means that person is bad or stupid and that we must become enemies with those who are different.  When did we forget that it's okay to disagree?  When did we become afraid of listening to each other?  And how do we find our way to treating differences with respect and love?  I wish I had the answers.  

Monday, July 20, 2020

Public Service Announcement

Just a little public service announcement.  If you'd like to share it on social media, you can find it on Facebook under Susan Meeks Fitch, or on Instagram under @sufitch. This is not available for download at this time. Watch for more to come. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

New Scripture Characters.

I need your opinion. I get requests all the time for more and different scripture characters.  I first started doing characters for Follow The Prophet.  You may be familiar with the sets I did.  The character or prophet is a little smaller and has a 4x6 inch background scene to go with them to represent their story.  More recently, I started doing "Book of Mormon Buddies" sets that just have the characters.  I'm a total people pleaser. I wanted to please all those people who were asking for more characters.  I thought I could get more characters out more quickly if I didn't try to do backgrounds with them, but the new sets don't seem to be as popular as the old ones.  I'm not sure if that's because the old ones have just been around longer or if they are really liked better.  As I move forward in trying to do more scripture characters would you all prefer the original set up with smaller characters and a small background, or do you want a little bit bigger characters and more of them?  Or does it even matter to you at all?  

Another question:  There's no way my drawing speed can keep up with the Come Follow Me Lessons.  There are a lot of characters that I have missed this year so far.  I'm trying to decide if I should try to keep drawing the characters in order and slowly fill in the characters I've missed, or if I should choose a spot a little ahead of where we are now and start going from there so you'll have some new characters for your lessons in a month or so.  Do you have any preference about that? Are there specific characters you think need to be done immediately?  

Thanks for any input you can give!  

Monday, June 15, 2020

Two New Kits!

So, I've got two new ACTIVITY DAYS kits in my Etsy shop.  The first one is just clip art of Activity Day kids doing all sorts of activities.  The second one has that art used to make goal sheets and Brag Tags.

If you haven't heard of brag tags before, they are a super cute idea used by school teachers as motivation and rewards for positive behavior and accomplishments.  The ones I've made are the size of a business card.  There are tons of different ways to use them (google it!) I liked the idea of laminating them and punching a hole in the top to make a necklace.  The teacher in that scenario had an award ceremony every Friday to give out brag tags to the kids.  They got to wear their necklace during school that day, then gave it back to the teacher to keep.  At the end of the year, they got to take their necklaces home.  I thought it sounded really easy and doable, but also a really fun thing to draw!!!  And without scouts and merit badges it might be a fun way to motivate kids.

I've decided that instead of doing a drawing for a give-away this time, that I would just pick one or two favorite images and make them available as a free download here for anyone at any time to enjoy.  So, here they are:  click the links below to download them.  And if you like the brag tag idea and have ideas for more, let me know!



I hope you are surviving your summer and staying safe and healthy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The sum of my time spent in quarantine

So, during quarantine I drew a bunch of pictures to keep my sanity.  I posted them on Facebook and Instagram.  And now, I decided to publish them through Amazon. (It will not be available through Etsy)  It has been a fun new type of project.  If you have been following my social media and seen all the pictures there, you should know that I saved the best ones just for the book.  I hope you'll like them!  This is the first time I've done a book entirely by myself.  It feels really fun to have accomplished a project like this.

If you are interested, it is on sale now on Amazon:  click here.