Tuesday, March 15, 2022


UPDATE!  I just finished this set to add on to the first Joseph set.  Because I have been trying to get out what I can when I can for all of you to use, these kits have been separated into two, rather than just having one huge kit to tell Joseph's story.  This is important though- I wanted to have them as one kit.  So, if you buy both of these kits in my Etsy shop, you can use the promo code JOSEPH to get 40% off both kits.  That takes the price for both of them from $12 down to $7.20.  Two sets for the price of one. You have to get both sets and the code will only work for these two kits. But I felt like a jerk to make you buy two kits for one story. 

I will be adding this set into the giveaway drawing along with the first Joseph set that will take place this Saturday March 19.  The winners will receive a free copy of both sets. To enter the drawing, just leave a comment with your email address.  (a comment left on either post will qualify you for both, so you don't need to leave a second comment if you've already left one) If you don't leave your email address, I will have no way of sending you the artwork if you win, so don't forget! 

And thank you so much for all your comments.  I enjoy reading them all so much.  I wish blogger would let me respond back to them.  I really need to start posting on IG and FB don't I? 

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors

 I have been working on drawing all the stories about Joseph and his coat of many colors.  I was going to just do one big kit, but there are so many different things to draw! I'm running out of time to get it done before we all teach it in primary.  I have enough drawings done for this week's upcoming lesson, (up to the point where he is sold into Egypt) but I'm not quite finished with much after that.  So, I decided just to make smaller kits and get out the drawings I've got for this weeks lesson.  I'll keep drawing and get more of the Joseph stories done for future weeks.

It's been hard to keep up with the Come Follow Me Lessons.  I'm starting to lose steam, but I'm still trying. Wish me luck. I hope you'll enjoy this new set.

And, as always, I will be doing a drawing to give away three free copies of this.  If you would like to enter the drawing, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!  If your comment doesn't have your email address I won't be able to send you your prize if you win.  Also, I have been enjoying trying out the new Come Follow Me podcasts you all suggested.  What other (non-religious) podcasts do you like?  I will pick the winners on Saturday March 19, 2022.  That gives you a little over a week to enter. 

If you don't want to wait, you can go straight to my ETSY SHOP and buy a copy.  Use the coupon code SUNBEAM20 to get 20% off everything until April 1. 

UPDATE: The winners for this set and it's sister set "Joseph In Egypt" are Sparklestone, Cyndi Ford and Luciana!  I have already emailed the sets to you.  Enjoy!

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Singing Time Animals FREEBIE!

 Thank you all so much for your great suggestions for podcasts.  Some I am familiar with, others I am excited to try out. 

Today, I've got something special for all of you who are faithful friends to my blog.  This set is only available here and it's totally FREE. It came to me as a suggestion from Camille at Camille's Primary Ideas.  These cute animal cards will be great for practicing and reviewing songs.  Just have a child pick a card and sing like the animal on the card.  It looks like it will be loads of fun. 

I am still finishing up the last few drawings in a set of art for Joseph and his coat of many colors. Keep an eye out.  I'll do another drawing for a giveaway here when it's done.  Remember the coupon code SUNBEAM20 is good for 20% off any purchase in my Etsy shop until April 1! 

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Isaac and Jacob

 Hello friends, I've got another new kit in my shop this week.  It is Isaac and Jacob.  I'm trying hard to keep up with the Come Follow Me lessons a little better this year.  

This kit has an older and younger version of Isaac and Rebekah along with the well, Isaac's servant, and camels.  It has Jacob and Esau as kids and grown. It has an angel, Laban, Leah and Rachel, a veiled bride, a small herd of goats, Isaac's favorite dish of spiced meat and the red lentil pottage that Esau traded his birthright for.  It even has a fur coat (not pictured) for Jacob to wear when he poses as Esau.

I've really enjoyed making these kits. I like to listen to Come Follow Me podcasts (among others) while I draw. My favorite one is Follow Him with John Bytheway and Hank Smith.  Drawing all the characters has helped to make better connections in my mind about who is who and what they did. 

I will be giving away a copy of this set as well.  All you have to do is leave a comment here and be sure to include your email address so I can send you a kit if you win. And if you listen to podcasts tell me your favorite one to listen to! 

I'll pick winners again next Saturday March 5, 2022. 

UPDATE (3/5/22):  The winners of this giveaway are Cyndi Ford, Mink, and Susanne Moon.  Congratulations! Your kits have already been emailed to you! 

Monday, February 21, 2022

Win a copy of my new kits!!!

 Thank you so much to those of you who commented on my last post.  I'm so glad to know that there at least a few of you who will still get my blog posts.  I also want to thank you all for all the nice things you said.  Being a wife and mother is often a thankless job, so hearing your comments about my art really gives me a boost. I feel so blessed to have a talent that I enjoy so much, and one that people like you enjoy.  You make me feel so goo. I hope all of you have something like that in your lives too.

Well, since there are still people looking at my blog, I think I'd better start doing some give aways again.  I just put three new kits in my shop.  One of them is a clip art set for Abraham.  It's a little late for the Come Follow Me Lessons, but I'm trying to catch up and keep up as best I can anyway.  

The second set is a card game (memory, go fish, trivia) with the female leaders of the church.  It's just like the one I did a couple years ago with the quorum of the twelve.  This set matches that one, so you can use them both together. 

The last set is Flip Chart Buddy 3. Just like the first two flip chart buddy sets I've done, this one is full of a variety of different clip art to be used for making primary song flip charts.  I've tried to include all the suggestions I've gotten in the last while.  

If you would like to leave a comment on this post with your name and email address, you will be entered to win a free copy of all three of these sets.  I will pick three winners this coming Saturday February 26.  You must leave your email or I won't be able to send you the set if you win.  

I am almost done drawing a set for Isaac and Jacob, so keep an eye out for that coming! Thanks again for all your support and encouragement. I love it.  


The winners of this giveaway are Judi Guttormsen, Paula Moser and Christine Silliman.  Check your email, I've already sent the kits to you!

If you didn't win this time, you can still get this kits in my Etsy shop.  Enter the coupon code SUNBEAM20 to get 20% off of any purchase. Good from now until March 31, 2022. 

Saturday, February 12, 2022


 Hello? Is anybody out there? 

I've kind of given up on my blog since blogger stopped sending an email to let you know that I've posted something.  I don't think that people go out of their way to look at blogs anymore. So, this post is kind of an experiment to see if it's worth it for me to keep up my blog.  The biggest problem is that without a blog I don't know how to make freebies available to you. 

If you have any opinions or suggestions about this, please let me know. 

I have thought about getting an actual website, and I've worked on it a little bit, but life is super crazy for me right now and I don't have time for much.

In the meantime, here is a free printable Valentine for you to give to your cute little primary kids at church.  Chrissy at Ministering Printables made it using my artwork.  I think she made it look absolutely adorable.  I hope you'll like it too. 


Saturday, May 8, 2021

Word of Wisdom kit & FREEBIES

I'm happy to introduce the newest addition to my Etsy shop.  It is a Word of Wisdom printable kit.  It has posters showing the scripture references to each element of the Word of Wisdom - including recent commentary from the prophet.  It has posters of kids who want to eat and kids who don't.  It has a eight pages worth of foods and substances to print out and put on those plates, or in the garbage can.  And it even has a coloring page.  I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  I hope you all will like it too.  There are two posters (shown below) that I decided not to use in the kit. They felt redundant.  Let me introduce you to Icky Nicki who only puts icky things in her body, and Well-Fed-Ned who only puts good things in his body.  If you get the kit from my Etsy shop you can use the foods there to put on these posters, or you could just cut foods out of magazines.  It will be a great way to engage the littles while teaching them about the Word of Wisdom.  

I've decided not to do a drawing for a give-away this time.  Instead, I'm offering Nicky and Ned as freebies to everyone.


It will probably be a while before I put a new kit in the shop.  I've really got to make myself start working on my house and getting it ready to sell.  I would prefer to draw. It's much more fun.  But, I've gotta do what I've gotta do.  What are your best tips for decluttering?